Manufacturing Business

The group’s manufacturing business mainly focuses on the research and development, manufacture and sales of automotive electronics products and automobile lighting products, including the automotive converter box, multi-function power supply, cooler and warmer box, chargers, automotive lighting products HID (high intensity discharge lamp), automotive auxiliary lights, work lights, etc. Based on the Group’s overall strategic deployment, the Group’s manufacturing business has uplifted its product innovation and competitiveness by integrating internal supply chains, improving production efficiency and investing in research and development resources. While streamlining the existing market and customers, the Group also focused precisely on the target market and customer groups.
The group’s manufacturing business has spared more investment in the research and development of products, committing to provide our customers with smaller, lighter, safer,  more intelligent and more fashionable products by combining them with new ideas and new technologies. The Group has established a research and development subsidiary in Shenzhen which is dedicated to the development of new energy vehicle accessories and has successfully developed a series of new energy vehicle accessories, namely the pre-installed on-board charger module (OBC), on-board charging inverter integrated machine (DBC), and on-board DC/DC converter and on-board inverter (DC/AC) for electric vehicles. It has started to deliver the relevant accessories for certain electric vehicle models of Chery and Fukuda. At the same time, the Group is also gearing towards the research and development of new energy vehicles for more manufacturers, and is expected to continuously supply relevant accessories for more manufacturers’ new energy vehicles in the coming years. With the explosive growth in the production and sales of domestic new energy vehicles, the Group will seize the significant opportunities brought about by the market changes and strive to become a key supplier of new energy vehicle battery charging and inverter modules. The Company expects that this business segment will experience tremendous growth in the future.
The group’s manufacturing business has two factories, located respectively in Shanghai Qingpu district and Shandong Longkou, and products are mainly exported to North America and China.